The core of our business is providing daily inspection services during repairing, repainting and Water Storage Tank erection project.

The scope of work for our inspection includes, but does not limit us to the following:

  • Submit daily reports that include, work completed that day, temperatures, product used and batch numbers recorded from material packaging.
  • Submit labeled digital photographs documenting work completed.
  • Verify Tanks are built in accordance to AWWA code.
  • Verify proper fit-up and welding of steel plates.
  • Verify degree of surface preparation is met, as per project specification and industry standards.
  • Verify the coating application is done so in accordance with paint manufactures data sheets, project specification, and industry standards.
  • Verify that repair work is completed in accordance to the project specification, approved shop drawings, and industry standards.
  • Act as Owners Representative, providing technical expertise to conflicts and concerns that arise on the job site.
  • Perform dry film thickness testing, to verify that coating has been applied at proper thickness.
  • Perform Holiday Testing, to ensure that the protective coating has 100% coverage.
  • Verify disinfection of tanks is completed in accordance with project specification and AWWA standards.

Our inspectors work for you, and with your contractor. Our inspectors have the means and ability to inspect critical surfaces before and after the coating application, and/or repair.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on how we can help you.

Our inspector’s knowledge
and training, combined with
an objective view, provides
our customers with the
assurance that the project
is completed properly.

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