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Dive Cleanout

Underwater Testing

MBA specializes in providing Dive and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection services.

Our underwater inspection services have proven to be a very practical solution for inspecting and performing minor maintenance on such structures as:
Potable Water Storage Tanks
Fire Protection Tanks
Raw Water Intakes

All Dive and ROV equipment utilized during the inspection is disinfected as per AWWA Standard C-652 section 5. The Diver wears a dry suit, and is equipped with a video camera and communication connected to the dive helmet. The ROV provides a real-time video inspection, utilizing a high resolution camera.

The Dive inspection is most useful when a more physical inspection is required. The diver can physically inspect appurtenances, measure metal loss, and provide a hands on inspection. A Diver can generally get a better above water view, to inspect roof rafters, girders, and connections.

The ROV has proven itself to be tremendously useful with providing underwater video inspections in pipes, intakes, tanks, and dams. The ROV has a diameter of approximately 10" and a height that is less than 9.5". The ROV can adequately access and maneuver in a 24" pipe. The ROV's major advantage is it's size, and video capabilities. Not to mention that this inspection is completed with half the crew that is needed to perform the Dive inspections. The ROV enables easier access into tanks, as the height of the water level, and isolation of the tank is not as much of a concern as it is with the Dive inspections. Not to mention, safety and confined space entry concerns are lessened due to the fact that we are not inserting a Diver.

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