MBA is committed to providing services to the following markets:

Specializing in water tanks and protective coatings provides us with numerous ways to support the potable water industry.  Through application of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards and recommendations our firm can provide a better understanding of the current condition of your tanks and provide recommendations for immediate and long term maintenance.

Our thorough understanding of corrosion and coating system application is the basis of our expertise for providing assessment of structures experiencing corrosion and compromise to the protect coating system.  Our evaluation of structures provide the utility Owner with a thorough understanding of current and future concerns, and a pathway forward for planning maintenance and repair.

Utilizing our expertise of water storage tanks and vessels, we provide inspection and consulting services for Owners and Firms that operate water based fire protection systems.  Our inspections are performed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.  Our focus is providing condition assessments, recommendations for immediate repairs and future maintenance, overseeing painting of these vessels to ensure the coatings provided for immersion service were applied correctly.

Wireless communication antennas are routinely affixed to water tanks.  The wireless carriers lack a thorough understanding of the operation and maintenance of water tanks.  We provide expertise for the Carrier and the Water Utility to ensure antennas and equipment are secured in such a fashion that both parties can enjoy a mutually beneficial arrangement