In addition to our specialized markets, MBA can provide the following services regardless of your industry:

MBA provides weld inspection during the construction of new tanks, and during the rehabilitation of existing tanks.  Our weld inspection services are geared toward meeting the expectations set forth in American Water Works Association, AWWA D100 manual for Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage.  When our weld inspectors are on site they will verifying proper fit up, welding procedures are performed acceptably, and that post weld clean up is performed to remove debris and surface contaminants.

Paint inspection services are the core and prominent service that MBA provides.  Through extensive in house training and certification through NACE and SSPC (now united as AMPP) our field inspectors are well prepared to oversee surface preparation and painting activities.  Our inspectors will verify that proper surface preparation is achieved, ambient temperatures are acceptable for application, uniform paint application and thickness, and proper cure of the coating is achieved.  Full-time paint inspection is the best insurance for your coating project.


MBA has a long history of providing underwater inspection in the potable water market.  Going back to the development and adoption of AWWA C652 disinfection standard for underwater inspections, MBA has been at the forefront of diving and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections in potable water.  Currently MBA is providing underwater inspections with ROV’s only.  Diving and dive clean out operations would be performed by others, and MBA can provide that connection to ensure safe operations and proper procedures are followed.

Water Towers are a great host for the colocation of antennas and microwave dishes that serve the wireless communication industry.  Our expertise with water tank structures coupled with our team of certified inspectors will ensure that the installation of antennas and hardware components do not damage your tank.  We will inspect what you cannot see from the ground.